changing the story changes everything

work-your-brainEvery individual life, and society as a whole, is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and each other — stories about our past, the present, and the future. Once the story is in place, then our actions — and even thoughts and ideas — flow from those stories.

Changing the story changes everything.

Our mission is to inspire behavior and social change
through coaching, strategic communications and media (our work)
for individuals, groups and populations (audiences)

On an individual level, our coaching provides the system, support and accountability for health behavior change.

On a group level, we create transformational learning opportunities for cohorts.

On a population level, we design and execute strategic communications and community engagement.

For more detailed information about our health and lifestyle coaching, please visit:

Our creative process goes something like this:

 connect – discover – incubate – express – iterate

This process applies to most everything, in a diverse array of fields, including:

  • Strategy and copy writing for social change marketing campaigns
  • Writing scripts and producing illustrated videos and documentary style productions
  • Coaching people to make healthy choices through lifestyle coaching
  • Creativity and innovation development, particularly in organizational settings

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What’s your story?