What’s your story?

You may have noticed that there’s a lot of talk in the marketing and non-profit worlds about stories lately, and for good reason.

Both our individual lives and society as a whole are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and each other — stories about our past, the present, and the future. Once the story, or narrative, is in place, then our actions — and even thoughts and ideas — flow from those stories.

In an effort to discover or tell the stories of a client or community, I endeavor to dive into their world. My creative process goes something like this:

tune-in – connect – discovery – assimilate – incubate – express – iterate

This process applies to most everything, in a diverse array of fields, including:

  • Strategy and copy writing for social change marketing campaigns
  • Writing scripts for illustrated videos or documentary style productions
  • Coaching people to make healthy choices through lifestyle coaching and raw food classes
  • Creativity and innovation development, particularly in organizational settings

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