Media Production

Andrea is two-time award-winning video producer, with over 20 years of experience, in a variety of formats. Her strength as a video and multi-media producer is to transform project goals into compelling stories. Primarily schooled in magazine-format broadcast production, Andrea now concentrates in short-form video production for the web, using illustration, documentary and narrative techniques. She collaborates with talented videographers, editors, and special effects designers depending on a project’s needs.

Some samples of the illustrated videos and documentary format projects are below.

What Is Court Diversion?
An updated version of this award-winning video, incorporating changes in Vermont laws.

Cooking to Learn: The John Dewey Kitchen Institute at UVM

Shopping with WIC 5-part Series
A photo-video series explaining how to shop with WIC benefits, produced in 5 languages. [First of 5 only.]

Spectrum’s Open Doors
Vermont youth can walk through any one of doorways of assistance that Spectrum Youth and Family Services offers, and  have a complement of services available to them.

What’s the Deal with Proficiency-Based Learning?
Vermont’s schools are changing the way they deliver and assess learning–this video explains the WHY-WHAT-HOW of Proficiency-Based learning. [7 min.]

What’s the Deal with Proficiency-Based Learning?

UVM Hillel
This award-winning* illustrated video is created on paper (with props!), and describes the great programs and community at UVM Hillel. [3 minutes]

What’s On Your Plate?
A whiteboard illustrated video showing how the dominant food system is hurting people and the planet, and highlighting productive alternatives. 11:42 minutes.

Edsel the Blind Mechanic
Within 6 month of noticing a dark spot in one of his eyes, master mechanic Edsel Hammond was legally blind. With the support of family and friends, Edsel has developed a thriving car repair shop.

Learning Deliberately: The Walden Project
A 12-minute video on The Walden Project, an alternative education program out of Vergennes High School in Vermont that focuses on the exploration of self and society through experiential, place-based education. [11:32 minutes]



* Silver Award in the non-profit video category in the Communicator Awards [Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA)].