Engagement and Facilitation


We’ve found that engaging people in a creative process is an excellent way to explore their thoughts and feelings, and draw out ideas.

We do this in a few different ways.

In an organizational setting, using graphic facilitation can assist participants to see connections between elements, confirm or change understandings, pursue clarity, and also just delight in the process of seeing ideas visualized (which helps us visual learners).

outside engagement

We will design a customized facilitation process designed around desired outcomes. Then, in a workshop setting, live illustration by partner Matt Heywood of The Image Farm, will make a visual representation of the process. We then go back to his studio, and review the meeting for themes and outcomes, and Matt transforms the mural into a work of art.

Here’s a link to a short video on what that looked like for the Imagine City Hall Park project in Burlington, Vermont.




Dr. Andrea Grayson


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